Snow in the Wind



Snow in
the Wind


Quiet was your love when it fell into and around me
Like a mantel of virgin snow resting on my barren land.
Your kiss caught my breath, like a January wind
Bringing tears to jaded eyes, as you held my hand.
My heart revived and new, beat as if it never loved before
Surrendered passion�s promise beyond reason to explore.
Your arms held part of me that will not be held again
Our hearts beat in perfect time, then, alas, sweet Winter�s end.
Reach for me now, as I melt with tears your frozen heart
Listen to the sound of infinity, while we drift apart
Like snow in the wind, in silence you left me . . . quietly I wept
Forgiving tears of heartbreak, for promises unkept.

Copyright �2000 by January Grey. All rights reserved.
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